Prepare to beat your best

Weight loss, increased energy throughout your day, better cardiovascular health, new friends, improved personal record time (PR) and better fitting jeans are just some of the many benefits of joining an organized training group. Training alone can be difficult, so we recommend joining a group to get you started in training and sharing of tips, methods, goals and other motivational information that will help you focus on accomplishing your goal.

Training Groups

First Timer Friendly
Based on existing research from previous half marathons, more than 35 percent of the expected participants, ranging in age from 11 to 83, will be completing a half marathon for their first time at the Sarasota Half Marathon & Relay. Local training programs have helped hundreds of participants achieve this goal and range from full walking to walk/run to run/walk to full run.

The Galloway method of training is offered by several training groups that adapt to your level of experience, allowing for programs such as one minute of walking followed by one minute of running and alternating that technique for the distance of the event. This incredibly popular method is tested and proven for those that need a kick-start into the endurance world.

Fit2Run Training Groups (Tampa & Sarasota)
Training programs are available for all levels at several Fit2Run locations throughout the state. Enjoy the benefits of training with experienced coaches, meet new runners and walkers, and share the experience of accomplishing a lifelong dream of completing the Sarasota Half Marathon & Relay.

Training Tips

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