2-Person Relay
Finish with a friend

The Sarasota Half Marathon, Relay & 10K is home to the unique Finish-Together Relay. This event is a great way to enjoy and showcase your team’s training efforts.

Register and Receive

Register for the 2019 Sarasota Half Marathon, Relay & 10K and receive the following:

  • Fully supported USATF certified race course highlighting beautiful Sarasota
    • On-course entertainment including live music, DJs and more!
    • Aid stations approximately every mile/mile and a half
  • Dolphin finisher medal
    • Giant dolphin-inspired Finisher medal for all half marathon, relay and 10K finishers (2019 rendering pictured right).
    • 5K Finisher medal.
  • Access to our legendary bayside Finish Festival presented by
    • Gourmet breakfast buffet courtesy of
    • Live music on the main stage
    • Complimentary beer for all participants (must be 21 years or over, ID required)
    • Picturesque vistas of Sarasota Bay
  • Custom made, tech short-sleeve shirt (men/women sizes)
2019 Half Marathon, Relay & 10K Shirt


Each member of a relay team will need to sign up for the event. The first team member to sign up will create the team name, become the team captain and pay for the team’s entry fee. Make sure your team member knows your team name so they can select it when registering.


2 – person relay teams will receive 3 race bibs and 1 race belt; 1 bib for each paricipant and the third bib containing the timing chip and should be attached to the race belt. The timing bib and race belt must be worn by the advancing participant and will be transferred from each participant in the relay exchange area. To avoid a $5 fee, timing belts must be returned at the end of the race.

Starting locations

1. Team member 1 (approximately 6 miles) should report to the start line.

2. Team member 2 (approximately 7 miles) should report to the relay exchange area on US 41 and Boulevard of the Arts, which is walking distance from the start of the race.

  • Signage will indicate where team member 2 should be positioned.
  • Team member 2 will run the approximate remaining 7.3 miles and have the opportunity for team member 1 to join them at the same transition location to finish together the last .1 miles. Participants will not need to swap tags again, as they will be finishing together.

Relay exchange

100 yards prior to the relay exchange you will see an arrow exchange sign. Please prepare early and stay to your right.

Team member 2 will be waiting in their area and will be the one to bend down and take the tag off of team member 1’s ankle and apply it to their own ankle. Once the chip is appropriately transferred, team member 2 is ready continue on the course. Water will be available for team member 1 at this point.

Meet-up area

At the Finish Together meet-up area, team member 1 should wait to join team member 2. You DO NOT need to exchange chips again. It is strongly recommended that you join up and finish together to ensure you both receive your participant medals and have the opportunity to have your photo taken as you cross the finish line.